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The idea behind this podcast is to provide audio versions of some of the best Punjabi literary works. Every month 2 to 3 episodes would be released. This effort would be successful if through the episode you discover your next best Punjabi writer. Then you go on a journey to find, read, enjoy or buy their works. Concept by, creator & narrator: Navjinder. Site: qissa.navjinderism.com Contact: qissa [at] navjinderism [dot] com

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S01 Ep04 - Dalip Kaur Tiwana - Rab Te Ruttan


A tale of god visiting earth as a sparrow.

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Filetype: MP3 - Size: 26.14MB - Duration: 13:42 m (267 kbps 44100 Hz)

S01 Ep03 - Jaswant Singh Kanwal - Garibi Da Course


A story about the trials and tribulation of a Punjabi farmer.

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Filetype: MP3 - Size: 32.36MB - Duration: 16:59 m (266 kbps 44100 Hz)

S01 Ep02 - Principal Sujan Singh - Khoon


A small short story written by Principal Sujan Singh which he encoutered while working as a teacher.

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Filetype: MP3 - Size: 13.99MB - Duration: 7:29 m (261 kbps 44100 Hz)

S01 Ep01 - Saadat Hasan Manto - Toba Tek Singh


Toba Tek Singh is a short story written by Saadat Hasan Manto and published in 1955. It follows inmates in a Lahore asylum, some of whom are to be transferred to India following the independence of Pakistan in 1947.

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Filetype: MP3 - Size: 33.97MB - Duration: 20:33 m (231 kbps 44100 Hz)



Introduction to the Qissa podcast. Trying to answer the why question.

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  3. Plaint
  4. Despair and Triumph
  5. Mesmerize
  6. Bittersweet
  7. Frost Waltz (Alternate)

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